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As far as I can recall starting with my Internet exploration starting in 2000’s, I’ve always wanted to have my own little space on the network. I’ve made some websites to talk about my hobbies and various topics (mainly about Japanese animation) and today I still maintain alive the hosting of an old site I’ve started during college days in 2002.

Outside the virtual life, I’m a French technical architect specialized into continuous integration methods, continuous delivery, deployment (so : CI/CD:D), and a big follower of DevOps culture.

On my personal side, I’m a tinkerer that felt into the Linux cauldron since around 2003 with Mandrake as a discover. Following that, thanks to Ubuntu I could discover the Linux surroundings and embrace the free software philosophy and everything revolving around it. Now I try to contribue as the best I can.

Outside the information technologies, I’m an amateur photograph. I also like scale models and by extension, the 3D Printing technology (I have a Creality Ender 3 v2). Finally, I’m also into video games, mainly RPG, building and factory simulations.

… this blog

Garbage Collector is a personal blog where I talk about everything and nothing.

It’s been built with the static site generator Hugo using a self designed Simple.css based theme with some customization. If you’re interested by how I proceed, there is an article about it. The Garbage Collector Hugo Theme is available on GitHub licensed under GPL V3. The previous theme was Casper3 made by Jonathan Janssens.

Please take note that most of this blog content will be in French. I may translate some posts regarding technical topics for a better sharing purpose, but it won’t be systematic (because it’s a time consuming action). If you are interested by a French post translation, feel free to send a request, It would be my pleasure. Please check the contact page to see how to reach me.

πŸ” Privacy respect

I’m very sensitive to privacy concerns, so this blog does not contain any user tracking system. I’ll never use an external comment system tool. If you want to discuss about an article, please use the contact page. I’m available on various messaging systems.

There is no web analysis tool connected to this website. I even don’t analyze the webserver logs, I really don’t care.

πŸ–Ή License

Unless otherwise indication, this blog content is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. All of my photos also use this license.

I’ll always try to quote illustrations owners and licenses in my posts. If I’ve missed one or if you don’t want to see your work on this site, please kindly ask it to seb+blog at zedas.fr.