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Au carrefour des étoiles - Way Station

- 3 minutes read time

Way Station, or Au carrefour des étoiles in French, is an American science fiction novel written in 1963 by Clifford D. Simak. Enoch Wallace, veteran who fought during the American Civil War, was born in 1840. His life changed when he got suddenly recruited by an alien he named Ulysses (after the Ulysses S.

Writing activities update : May 2024

- 5 minutes read time

Version française Si je n’ai peut-être pas du en donner l’impression sur ce blog, il s’avère que j’ai été plutôt actif ces dernières semaines dans mes activités d’écriture. Dans mes récentes actualités, le fait le plus marquant reste la sortie de mon dernier livre, Les murmures de la montagne de métal.


- 3 minutes read time

Alfie is a science fiction thriller novel written by French author Christopher Bouix, published in 2022. The story is told by Alfie, the artificial intelligence of a powerful home automation system. Alfie is an high-end AI-based home automation system made by AlphaCorp.

Tech from the past - Motorola M3588

- 5 minutes read time

Moving to a new home is always the time when you found out some old crap you’ve stored a long time ago. Let me introduce you one of them : the Motorola M3588. My first mobile phone I’ve had in high school.

Who Goes There ?

- 2 minutes read time

Who Goes There ? is a 1938 science fiction horror book written by John W. Campbell. This novella got movies adaptation such as the famous John Carpenter’s The Thing in 1982. In French, the novel is entitled La Chose, which is the translation for “The Thing”.

The Space Trilogy

- 6 minutes read time

Following Childhood’s End, my exploration of Arthur C. Clarke books made me read three other works regrouped into a series entitled The Space Trilogy, which are Islands in the Sky, The Sands of Mars, and Earthlight, or Les îles de l’espace, Les sables de Mars, and Lumière cendrée in French.

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