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Subscribe to my books releases by e-mail

Subscribe to my books releases by e-mail
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Last week-end, I’ve made some evolution to my Hugo template Am Writing I’ve designed and use for my own books website.

The last feature permit owners to integrate or redirect to a newsletter provider so their audience can subscribe to the new releases (or something else). Actually, the idea came because I knew that RSS is used by almost nobody, that’s not a surprise. At first, I’ve made a previous update that would publish a RSS feed for the books and for the integrated blog. This feature was made because I’ve seen that GoodReads, a kind of social media for books readers and authors, has a blog system that can use an external RSS feed. As I’ve created my profile on this site, I though it was a good idea.

Later, I’ve discovered that I could use Infomaniak’s newsletter service because having a domain name and web hosting offer grants some credits for this service. So I’m giving it a try by using it to inform when I publish a new book.

You may subscribe on the form available here :

It’s not a newsletter, just a release notification. The content will be the book’s name, the cover, the description, and the link to the website.

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