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Some issues with how to join the Fediverse I've observed

- 13 minutes read time

I’ve joined the Fediverse around four years ago, when I’ve put online the first version of this blog. It was based on Plume, a blogging tool that supported ActivityPub for users interactions and blogs federations until I’ve changed for Hugo (fr).

Don't get mistaken : Mastodon is not Twitter

- 8 minutes read time

It’s been everywhere on the news, following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, a #TwitterMigration movement spread in various Mastodon instances. A lot of new users registered on various instances during the last week (Fosstodon had + 5 000 new users in a week) and Mastodon’s developers told about over 655 thousands active users as a new record.

Why do I enjoy Fosstodon

- 5 minutes read time

I’ve joined Fosstodon since a little more than 2 years now. At this moment, I wasn’t into social medias and had none of them. I’ve discovered the power of the Fediverse with my former blog tool : Plume. Seeing some comments coming from Mastodon instances was fun an nice.

Joined Fediring

- 1 minutes read time

I’ve recently discovered the Fediring initiative, which is a webring for personal sites of Fediverse members. You can browse the ring by clicking on the Previous and Next buttons on the footer of each page of this blog. It’s nice to see how old Web ideas are still alive despite the permanent user lock-in inside the Big Tech online services.

C'est quoi le Fediverse ?

- 15 minutes read time

Si vous avez déjà parcouru quelques billets de ce blog, vous aurez constaté que je suis très adepte des outils auto hébergés et pouvant être fédérés. D’ailleurs, ce blog avait été construit à l’origine avec Plume, un outil de blogging fédéré.