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Alfie is a science fiction thriller novel written by French author Christopher Bouix, published in 2022. The story is told by Alfie, the artificial intelligence of a powerful home automation system. Alfie is an high-end AI-based home automation system made by AlphaCorp.

Telegram temporary blocked in France

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The 13th of May, Telegram, a popular messaging application, got blocked by the French Government under the child abuse and terrorism fighting enforcement laws. Following their procedure, the Police requested the French ISP to block some URLs tagged as “child porn” as the law requires it.

Guys, it's OK to be on social medias

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There’s a behavior I’ve often observed during a discussion about the major social medias. Some people are trying to justify why they’re using them as it would be a problem to use them. – “I’m just using them to keep contact with people I know”

The EDPB adopts the final report of the cookie banner recommendations

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Between May 2021 and August 2022, 18 European data protection authorities (DPA) received several hundred of complaints from NOYB regarding the design of the cookies banners. A coordinated task force between the DPAs, piloted by the French authority La CNIL and its Austrian counterpart, the DSB, ended-up after 13 meetings by the production of a report containing various recommendations for designing a cookie banner.

New device ? Don't forget to clear the old one !

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If I don’t do any mistake, recently it was Christmas and the social convention wants to have people offering consumer goods to others. Among these consumer goods there are a lot of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. You may had received a new one and you’re happy with it.

The alternative front-ends to centralized online services

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If sometimes you need to consult or follow a content available on a centralized platform like Youtube or Twitter but you’re worried about your privacy ? Or you don’t want to create an account for this specific requirement ? To do so, you can use an alternative front-end to these services.

GDPR : French ISP Free sanctioned for violations

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On November 30th (link in French), la CNIL, the French personal data protection authority, sanctioned the French Internet Service Provider FREE for data security issues and not respecting the people rights granted by the GDPR. According to the more complete délibération (in French) published in the Journal Officiel de la République Française, the Authority received 41 complains between October 2018 and November 2019.

The CNIL GDPR learning workshop

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If you’ve read some of this blog legal-related content, you may have seen that I’m pretty interested by the privacy protection. However, despite being myself informed of the legal context, I recognize I’ve never deeply learned the GDPR itself. Of course, my various readings about this topic (including my professional activities) made me learn some good basis, but that wasn’t enough.

Something about commercial VPN Services : My concerns

- 14 minutes read time

In the previous article, I’ve exposed here the concept of a VPN, what’s happening when you using one, and what do the commercial services are offering. Now, I’ll explain why I don’t trust them, and why I won’t use them.

Something about commercial VPN services : What is a VPN ?

- 10 minutes read time

Last years, I’ve wrote a vulgarization article about the differences between a VPN and a Proxy (article in French). You may have noticed that the commercial VPN services are a common sponsor for the so-called social medias influencers. I have myself received various offers from various affiliation managers (I’m an influencer, yeay !

The complex case of online age verification against privacy protection laws

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La CNIL, or Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, is the French Administrative Authority competent for the personal data protection under the GDPR and national law perimeter. On July 26th, they published a study (link in French) about the online age verification regarding the adult restricted content on the Web, the existing solutions, their opinion, and their recommendation.

Setup your own DNS over HTTPS server

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DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a protocol for Domain Name System resolution using HTTPS to secure the communication between the client and the name server. It was proposed by the IEFT and is still a work in progress. However, DoH has been quickly implemented by the Big Tech corporations like Google, CloudFlare and also Mozilla Foundation which enabled the protocol by default in the United States of America in Firefox.