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Garbage Collector gets a new skin

Garbage Collector gets a new skin
Screenshot of the Garbage Collector blog, license CC-BY-SA-NC

Following the migration to Hugo, I’ve used the Casper3 theme until then. Now I’ve wanted my own personal theme, and it’s done !

I haven’t written HTML and CSS code since a while, so after some evenings I came up with something I liked. The CSS framework is based on Simple.css that is very lightweight and easy to use. At first, I’ve tried doing something with Bootstrap but it was horribly complicated to do very simple things with it, I gave up.

The font used is Fira Sans, made by Mozilla and licensed under Open Font License.

This theme is available on GitHub and is licensed under GPL V3.0+.

If you want to use is for your own site, I can’t warranty you to be totally reusable because I did it for my own requirements. However, if you enjoy using this theme you’ll make me happy. 😉

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